The Lisbon Workshop

June 9, 2023

Another fruitful event for POIESIS, this time in Portugal.

The 3rd POIESIS Public Deliberative Workshop was also a success. 24 people took part at the event which was held last Saturday afternoon on 3rd of June, at Ιscte. The event was moderated by Dr. Rita Mourão. The expert talk by Carla Gomes, research fellow at the University of Lisbon - Institute of Social Sciences was extremely interesting and catching (on trust, climate science, and communication of it, difficulties, etc), leading to many questions and comments (which we had then to stop, as people would have continued asking). The discussions were rich and engaging in all groups – the four moderators and facilitator were excellent.

Participants were super engaged in the discussions, all talked and shared their views, and in the end, they reported to us having a very lovely and enjoyable afternoon. In the plenary a member of each group presented the rankings. Both the coffee break and drink reception were excellent moments for people to get to know each other. The drink reception (with Porto wine), lasted until 8pm, as people kept talking to each other...

Next stop Berlin!

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