The Berlin Public Deliberative Workshop

June 23, 2023

The journey of the POIESIS Public Deliberative Workshops continues!

The Berlin public deliberative workshop, called Bürger*innen-Dialog in German, successfully took
place on a hot Friday afternoon on the 9th of June. Even with a somewhat smaller group of
participants (15 in total), we had great and fruitful discussions based on our material but also
covering the topics of trust in science, research integrity and public participation from a much larger

A great thank you to our facilitator Philipp Schrögel, an expert in science communication and various
creative forms of it, who provided a stimulating input on trust, trust in science and how this relates
to science communication. His input also included two short video sequences in which researchers,
one working in the field of climate change and one in medical research, told the participants about
their personal experiences and perspectives on science communication in their field.

Another big thank you to Imke Hedder and Lisa Mertin - who along with Anne-Sophie Behm-Bahtat ensured smooth and interesting discussions in the four small groups.

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