POIESIS 1st Public Deliberative Workshop

May 15, 2023

A long journey begins in Athens!

The 1st Public Deliberative Workshop of POIESIS was held in Athens on May 13th at the Hotel TITANIA. 32 people of various professions and social backgrounds discussed for more than 4 hours about issues of trust in science, research integrity, citizen integration on the research process and many more! Special credit goes to Dr. Eleni Konsolaki for moderating the event and Drs. Iris Vlachantoni and Elissavet Feloni for giving their expert talks on COVID-19 and Climate Change respectively.

This was the first of the seven Workshops that are going to take place, at the seven countries of the POIESIS Consortium with Aarhus (Denmark) and Lisbon (Portugal) soon to follow!

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