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The Danish Public Deliberative Workshop

The 2nd successful Workshop of POIESIS took place at the Aarhus University. The Danish POIESIS workshop successfully took place, on Friday June 2nd and we had a great experience! The participants were very engaged and we had really interesting, informative and nuanced discussions in all four groups. Importantly, there was [...]


POIESIS 2nd General Assembly

The POIESIS Project 2nd General Assembly was held in Crowne Plaza, Athens on 22nd and 23rd of May with the participation of all the projects' consortium members (Aarhus University, CNRS, CSIC, ISCTE, LSE, NTUA, Wissenschaft Im Dialog). There were many exciting things to discuss regarding the POIESIS Agenda such as [...]


POIESIS 1st Public Deliberative Workshop

A long journey begins in Athens! The 1st Public Deliberative Workshop of POIESIS was held in Athens on May 13th at the Hotel TITANIA. 32 people of various professions and social backgrounds discussed for more than 4 hours about issues of trust in science, research integrity, citizen integration on the [...]


Kick off meeting

POIESIS in motion! The project's Kick off Meeting has just concluded its 1st day. For the next three years, we will be exploring ways to cultivate trust in science!

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