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The British Workshop: A huge success!

42 people of various backgrounds from around the UK participated in the last weeks' POIESIS London Public Deliberative Workshop The London team organised public deliberations in the Marchmont Citizen Centre located in Central London, where no less than 42 participants engaged in discussions about trust in science. The sessions were [...]


Next Stop: Valencia

The Valencia Public Deliberative Workshop was held on June, 22nd by the CSIC team! The 20 participants spent the day enjoying thorough conversations around the Covid-19 pandemic, the climate change and how those affect trust in science in general. POIESIS consortium members Richard Wooley and Irene Monsonís Payá organised, managed [...]


POIESIS‘ 1st Expert Workshop on Trust in Science (WP1)

On the 19th and 20th of June, the London and Berlin team jointly organised the first POIESIS’ expertworkshop on trust in science in Berlin which has been a great success. The workshop had two distinct and at the same time closely interrelated parts: on the one hand,the debate about how [...]


The Berlin Public Deliberative Workshop

The journey of the POIESIS Public Deliberative Workshops continues! The Berlin public deliberative workshop, called Bürger*innen-Dialog in German, successfully tookplace on a hot Friday afternoon on the 9th of June. Even with a somewhat smaller group ofparticipants (15 in total), we had great and fruitful discussions based on our material [...]


POIESIS at the 6th Nordic STS Conference

POIESIS coordinator and WP5 Leader Dr. Serge P.J.M. Horbach presented the overall work, the concept, the methodology and the current progress of the POIESIS Project at the 6th Nordic STS Conference, which was held at the TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture of the University of Oslo. This is [...]


The Lisbon Workshop

Another fruitful event for POIESIS, this time in Portugal. The 3rd POIESIS Public Deliberative Workshop was also a success. 24 people took part at the event which was held last Saturday afternoon on 3rd of June, at Ιscte. The event was moderated by Dr. Rita Mourão. The expert talk by [...]

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