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The POIESIS Focus Groups Report

The POIESIS Focus Groups, a major survey that took place in the 7 Consortium countries (Denmark, UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Greece) with the participation of dozens of research and science communication experts has been completed. The discussions were extremely interesting in each of the 21 Focus Groups held, [...]


POIESIS at the 12th SciComPT Congress

POIESIS-PT team attended the 12th Congress of SciComPT, which took place at University of Minho, in Braga, May 8-10. The team presented two talks. In the talk “The role of scientific institutions in public involvement in science: voices from institutional stakeholders” the team presented the main findings of the Focus [...]


Greek Focus Groups review

The influence of financial and political interests, and competition between researchers and RPOs are the main negative factors that affect Research Integrity and Trust In Science, according to most of the participants of the three Focus Groups that were conducted in Greece. The sessions were organised by the National Technical [...]


POIESIS Focus Groups in Spain

The INGENIO (CSIC- UPV) POIESIS team, Dr Irene Monsonís-Payá and Dr Richard Woolley, together with three local co-investigators, undertook the Spanish focus groups with institutional stakeholders from public and private organisations. The three focus groups were hold online in March 2024, and a total of 16 professionals were invited and [...]


Danish Focus Groups round-up

The AU team has completed the Danish part of the POIESIS focus group study, which overall explores perceptions of the science-society relationship and how institutions can provide policies and procedures that contribute to enhancing public trust in science. In February 2024, project members Tine Ravn and Christina Løth Andersen conducted three [...]


The POIESIS Focus Groups with Institutional Actors in Germany

Another round of interesting discussions and findings from Wissenschaft-im-Dialog (Germany) In February 2024, POIESIS member Dr. Anne-Sophie Behm-Bahtat from Wissenschaft im Dialog organised three online focus groups with different institutional actors from all over Germany as part of Work Package 3. The participants in the three groups – university communicators, [...]

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