POIESIS General Assembly in Portugal

The POIESIS Consortium latest meeting confirmed our dedication and high standard approach in fullfilling POIESIS research ambitions.

The POIESIS 3rd General Assembly was successfully held on February 22nd and 23 in CIES-Iscte, Lisbon. There were plenty interesting things to discuss such as the implementation and a short summary for each partner on our Focus Groups, our preparation for the 112 interviews on researchers and science communication experts and a very interesting primary discussion on the outcomes of our 2nd Expert Workshop.

The impact of the POIESIS research activities and its eventual recommendations were also on the centre of attention, while the Assembly opened with a presentation of the early findings of a very interesting and big research that the CIES – Iscte team has conducted, about Integrity among Portuguese Researchers.

All 7 partners of the POIESIS Consortium (Aarhus UniversityWissenschaft im Dialog, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Centre national de la recherche scientifique, CSIC, CIES-Iscte, National Technical University of Athens) left the Assembly very ambitious about the implementation of all the remaining POIESIS engagement activities and outcomes and their impact on fostering Trust In Science!

POIESIS’ 2nd Expert Workshop on Dynamics of Recovering Trust and Reputation after a Crisis (WP1)

On the eve of the last General Assembly in Lisbon, on the 21st and 22nd February 2024, the LSE and WiD POIESIS members organised the second POIESIS expert workshop, this time with a focus on dynamics of recovering public trust and reputation after a crisis in different contexts.

To discuss why public trust is actually important in real life scenarios and how to rebuild it after a scandal or another kind of internal crisis, the workshop brought together six international experts with academic and corporate backgrounds and POIESIS members from different institutions. For two half days, they discussed national and international case studies each of the experts presented. The case studies ranged from crises in private companies to public universities and inspired interesting comparisons of different dynamics and mechanisms of crisis management and communication.

Discussions were lively and fruitful and will not only inspire further reflections for the work of POIESIS but also certainly lead to a common publication led by the POIESIS team.

POIESIS was at the XIII SOPCOM Congress

The Lisbon Team represented the project in the University of Minho Conference

Our Lisbon-Portugal team members (Marta Entradas, Inês C. Sousa, and Feng Yan) attended XIII SOPCOM Congress from Jan. 24 to Jan. 26, 2024. The conference took place at University of Minho, in Braga, a city in the north of Portugal.

The team presented results of the POIESIS public consultation that took place last summer in Lisbon in the session “Trust is not given, it is earned: The role of the media in public trust in science”. The presentation received audience appreciations and interest, as well as comments during Q&A.

Founded in 1998, SOPCOM is a non-profit scientific association, aiming to develop research in Communication Sciences, and representing  the national scientific community of Communication Sciences in Portugal.