Focus Groups about to start

POIESIS is getting ready for its new excitng engagement activity

With the 2nd Expert Workshop scheduled for Lisbon on February 21st, and the Public Deliberation Workshops already conducted, another POIESIS engagement activity is already on the cards. 3 Focus Groups will take place on February in each consortium country (Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Greece), involving experts that either work with research integrity or societal integration at their institutions.

The data collected through the focus groups will allow us to investigate at the institutional level: a) Perceptions of public trust, research integrity and social integration, b) Concerns, hopes and expectations towards research integrity and social integration, c) Procedures and policies translating research integrity and social integration into communicational or organisational processes, d) Expectations about the impact of these procedures and policies.

The research will be conducted by Dr. Michel Dubois and the rest of the CNRS, France POIESIS research team.